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Ve M. Entertainment is an Indie record label that assembles projects from start to finish. We provide Vocal Production—teaching harmony & pitch, offering constructive feedback & creative ideas, and managing writers & producers—as well as Artist Development for all genres.

 Verna M. Miles, founder of the label, has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry and was a former A&R Manager for Sony Music, Epic Records. As A&R manager, Verna worked with artists such as B2K, 3LW, Jill Scott, Mandy Moore, GhostfaceKillah, and Glen Lewis, as well as organized and executed special projects, including the negotiation of production contracts and the processing of development and demo deals. Additionally, she was co-executive producer of the album, “A Season of Soul and Sounds of Christmas” and the A&R Director of Ghostface Killah’s, “Bulletproof Wallets.” In essence, Verna understands her clients’ business needs while staying true to their aesthetic desires. 

Verna M. Miles

Connect with us!

Ve. M. Entertainment offers an internship program for anyone looking to join the music industry. Through workshops and professional development, performance opportunities, community outreach and networking sessions, all interns leave the program with ways to influence, spark and shape action.

 The Indie label brings awareness to a variety of causes including but not limited to: Anti Domestic Violence, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Latin Causes, and LGBTQ+ awareness as well.

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