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Established in 2017, Ve M. Entertainment is an independent record label based in the heart of New York City. Our core mission is to create music captivates and inspires, by finding, supporting and uplifting powerful emerging femme artists. 


At Ve M. Entertainment, we excel in providing tailored support to artists who are just beginning their careers. Whether you're seeking guidance on music release strategies or require assistance with marketing and promotion, Ve M. Entertainment will work with you to present your art in the most authentic way to you!


Founder and CEO Verna M. Miles began her career with Sony Music, serving as an A&R Manager for Epic Records. With over a decade of experience as a song and screenwriter, Verna's portfolio includes the development of prominent artists like Ghostface Killah, B2K, 3LW, Mandy Moore, and others.


Prior to establishing her own label, Verna expanded her horizons by offering Vocal Production and Artist Development lessons. This commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond her role as CEO; she continues to actively engage in artist development, ensuring that every artist affiliated with Ve M. Entertainment receives the guidance and support necessary to excel in the competitive music industry!

Ve. M. Entertainment offers an internship program for anyone looking to join the music industry. Through workshops and professional development, performance opportunities, community outreach and networking sessions, all interns leave the program with ways to influence, spark and shape action.

 The Indie label brings awareness to a variety of causes including but not limited to: Anti Domestic Violence, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Latin Causes, and LGBTQ+ awareness as well.

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