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Nicque Marina

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Singer-songwriter Nicque Marina is a varied virtuoso. Since embracing singing at age 2, the contemporary R&B artist has accumulated a diverse collection of creative pursuits that only heighten her performance as a vocalist. She’s trained in genres of dance ranging from hip-hop to ballet, began learning classical clarinet at age 4, and was active in her high school’s theatre program. Upon graduating, she accepted an appointment to the United States Air-Force Academy where she acted, directed, and choreographed for the USAFA Theatre Troupe, and was later selected for Tops In Blue, the Air Force's premier entertainment group. There, she embarked on a 10-month tour of over 80 shows spanning 16 countries, until leaving the Air-Force in 2019 for New York City. Adding piano & Ukulele to her arsenal, Nicque is a well-rounded artist. Throughout the 2020 quarantine, Nicque has amassed a social-media following of over 950+K and is currently signed  to Ve M. Entertainment. Her single "T-Shirt" released in April 2021. Her EP "Chaotic Sunshine" will be released in mid 2021.

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